Free Printable Numbrix PDF Logic Puzzles

Welcome to our free printable PDF Numbrix puzzles. These are fun grid logic puzzles which will keep you entertained. These puzzles are free for you to download and you will find solutions in the download file too 🙂

These are PDF puzzles for you to print or use digitally. The great thing about PDF puzzles is they can be used in a variety of ways – print them, add them to a note taking app in your device – or even use a graphics app to complete them!

New to Numbrix puzzles? Don’t worry! We have more information here – About Numbrix Logic Puzzles and a detailed walkthrough here – Numbrix Puzzle Walkthrough.

Combine PDFs to Create Your Own Ebook

You can even combine PDF puzzles to create your own custom ebook (for personal use) – this is great for travelling! Learn how to do this here – How To Combine PDF Puzzles.

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Download Puzzles

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Beginner Numbrix Puzzles

Brand new to solving numbrix puzzles? Check out these beginner puzzles to get you started 🙂 There are four puzzle in each pack so just download what you need before moving on to more challenging puzzles below.

Here are our 6×6 Numbrix Logic Puzzles to download. You will find four different levels, with two sets in each level and with six puzzles in each with solutions.

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

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