Binary Puzzles: Free Printable Binario PDF Logic Puzzles

Welcome to our free printable binary logic puzzles (also known as Binairo puzzles). These are in PDF format and are free for you to download.

We have a huge variety of Binary (or Arrow Path) puzzles for you to download. You’ll find not only different levels, but different sets in each level for you to download. Each puzzle – of course – comes complete with the solution!

These are PDF puzzles for you to print or use digitally.

New to Binary puzzles? Don’t worry! We have more information here – About Binary Logic Puzzles and a detailed walkthrough here – Binary Puzzle Walkthrough.

Free Printable Binary Puzzles

You will find the free printable Binary logic puzzles to download below. These are in PDF format. Some puzzles have been combined into a single PDF, others are in separate files. The great thing about PDF puzzles is they can be used in a variety of ways – print them, add them to a note taking app in your device – or even use a graphics app to complete them!

Need help combining PDFs together? Check out our tutorial HERE!

Free Printable Binary Puzzles

6 x 6 Grid Binary Puzzles

If you have never tried Binary logic puzzles before – this is where to start! These are great for beginners or when you are looking for a quick puzzle. There are six puzzles in each pack with solutions. The puzzles are in separate PDF files.

Free Printable Binary Puzzles

8 x x Grid Binary Puzzles – 5 Levels

10 x 10 Grid Free Printable Binary Puzzles

Free Printable Binary Puzzles

14 x 14 Grid Binary Puzzles

Here are our 14 x 14 grid Binary PDF puzzles for you to download. There are five different levels with two sets of puzzles in each level. There are six puzzles in each set with solutions in PDF format.

8 x 8 Grid Binary Puzzles

9×9 Binary Grid Puzzles

Here are our 9×9 grid Binary puzzles. As with our previous puzzle, there are two sets for each level and 6 puzzles in each set (with solutions).

10 x 10 Grid – Binary Puzzles

And lastly here are our 10×10 grid ‘Binary’ puzzles. These are in four levels from relatively easy to relatively tricky. There are six puzzles in each set with solutions and two sets per level 🙂

Free Printable Binary Puzzles

Free Printable Binary Puzzles

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