Free Halloween Printable Match The Edge Triangle Puzzle ?

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you’re looking for a fun and engaging activity to celebrate the spooky season, look no further! We’ve got a treat for you – free printable Tarsia ‘Match the Edge’ puzzles with Halloween icons. Whether you’re planning a Halloween party or want to bring some Halloween spirit into your party or classroom, these puzzles are perfect for all ages.

What is Tarsia?

Before we dive into the Halloween-themed puzzles, let’s briefly explain what Tarsia puzzles are. Tarsia puzzles are educational and entertaining brain teasers that require participants to cut out triangles and then match the edges with corresponding pieces to create a larger triangle. It’s a fantastic way to improve critical thinking skills while having a blast.

Two Levels – Easy and Tricky

Our Halloween Tarsia puzzles feature a range of spooky icons that will get everyone in the Halloween spirit. From bats and pumpkins to witches’ hats and black cats, these puzzles are adorned with classic Halloween imagery. There are two levels of difficulty to choose from:

1. Unique Pairs (Level 1): This level is perfect for beginners. All the icons on the puzzle pieces are unique, so you won’t encounter any repeats. It’s a great way to introduce Tarsia puzzles to newcomers or to engage younger participants.

2. Tricky Repeats (Level 2): If you’re up for a challenge, Level 2 is where the real fun begins. In this level, you’ll find some repeated pairs of icons, making it more challenging to assemble the puzzle correctly. It’s a great choice for puzzle enthusiasts and those who enjoy a bit of Halloween complexity.

Color and Black & White Versions

We understand that different situations call for different options, so we’ve got you covered. Our Halloween Tarsia puzzles come in both color and black & white versions. If you prefer a vibrant and visually appealing puzzle, go for the color option. On the other hand, the black & white version allows you to unleash your creativity and color the icons as you like. Both options offer 10 unique puzzles in each pack, providing hours of entertainment.

Ideal for Parties and Classrooms

Whether you’re hosting a Halloween party or want to engage your students in some seasonal fun, these Tarsia puzzles are the perfect choice. They promote teamwork, problem-solving, and creativity. Plus, they make for fantastic decorations once completed.

Easy to Print PDF Files

One of the best things about these Halloween Tarsia puzzles is how convenient they are to use. We’ve created easy-to-print PDF files that you can access and print right from your computer. No need to rush to the store or spend extra money – simply download, print, and you’re ready for some Halloween puzzling.

Get Started with Halloween Tarsia Puzzles

Ready to dive into the Halloween spirit? Here’s how you can get started with our Tarsia ‘Match the Edge’ puzzles:

  1. Download the Puzzles: Visit our website and download the Halloween Tarsia puzzles in your preferred format – color or black & white.
  2. Print the Puzzles: Use your home printer to print out the puzzle sheets. Make sure to use a sturdy paper or cardstock for durability.
  3. Cut Out the Triangles: Carefully cut along the edges of the triangles to separate the pieces.
  4. Start Puzzling: Begin assembling the pieces by matching the icons on the edges. For Level 2, keep an eye out for repeated pairs – they’re the real challenge!
  5. Enjoy the Fun: Whether you’re working on these puzzles alone or with friends, you’re sure to have a blast. Try timing yourself or racing against others to add an extra layer of excitement.

Halloween Tarsia ‘Match the Edge’ puzzles are a delightful way to celebrate the spooky season. They’re suitable for all ages, making them a versatile and engaging activity for Halloween gatherings, classrooms, or simply some solo fun. So, go ahead and download your free Halloween Tarsia puzzles today and embark on a puzzling adventure that’s both entertaining and intellectually stimulating. Happy Halloween puzzling!

Download Halloween Tarsia Puzzles

Level 1

These are black and white puzzles – there are 10 in this pack, ideal for classroom or party use 🙂

halloween tarsia BW L1

Level 2

There are color and black and white options. Again, there are 10 in each pack.

Black and White

Halloween Tarsia L2 BW


Halloween Tarsia L2 Color

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