Free PDF Dominosa Puzzles

Download our free pdf Dominosa puzzles and try these fun and engaging logic puzzles which will give you a new challenge that will tickle your brain and keep you entertained for hours?

What are Dominosa Puzzles?

Dominosa puzzles, also known as Domino hunts or Solitaire Dominoes, are addictive logic puzzles that use dominoes – but not in the way you might think! Instead of matching numbers, you’ll be marking dominoes on a grid. For more information and explanation of how to play see our Guide to Dominosa Puzzles HERE.

Free PDF Dominosa Puzzles for Every Level!

We’re thrilled to offer you a whopping 200 FREE Dominosa puzzles to test your skills! These puzzles come in four sets of 50, with increasing difficulty levels:

  • 7×8 Grid: Perfect for beginners, these puzzles offer a gentle introduction to the mechanics of Dominosa.
  • 8×9 Grid: As the grid size increases, so does the challenge. Sharpen your logic here!
  • 9×10 Grid: Ready to push your limits? These puzzles will require some serious deduction skills.
  • 11×10 Grid: For the ultimate Dominosa masters, these puzzles will put your logic to the ultimate test.

Tips for Using Our PDF Puzzles:

These puzzles are provided in a convenient PDF format, allowing you to tackle them on any device. Here are some tips to enhance your Dominosa experience:

  • Note-Taking Apps: Uploading the PDF to a note-taking app like Notability or GoodNotes lets you directly mark on the grid for a more interactive experience.
  • Zooming and Panning: Utilize your device’s zoom and pan functions to focus on specific sections of the puzzle.

Printing Your Puzzles:

If you prefer a pen-and-paper approach, printing the puzzles is a breeze! Here are some printing recommendations:

  • Portrait Orientation: Choose landscape orientation to ensure the entire grid fits comfortably on the page.
  • Adjust Print Size: If the grid appears too small, adjust the print size to a comfortable level for marking and solving.
  • Double-Sided Printing (Optional): For puzzle enthusiasts who like to conserve paper, consider double-sided printing, allowing you to print two puzzles per sheet.

Bonus: Solutions Included!

Don’t worry about getting stuck – each puzzle set comes with a solution sheet, so you can always verify your answers or get back on track if needed.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the captivating world of Dominosa puzzles today! With these free puzzles and helpful tips, you’ll be a Dominosa master in no time!

Download Free PDF Dominosa Puzzles

Click below to download the free pdf Dominosa puzzles. There are 50 puzzles and solutions in each set.

7×8 Grid


8×9 Grid


9×10 Grid


11×10 Grid

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