Free Printable PDF Tetrominoes LITS Puzzles

Here we have10 free, printable Tetromino LITS puzzles, otherwise known as Nuruomino puzzles. These challenging brainteasers offer a delightful blend of logic and spatial reasoning, to give your brain an extra workout!

We have a full description and walk through showing how to complete the puzzles HERE.

LITS puzzles, also known as Nuruomino puzzles, are a classic Japanese logic puzzle that has captivated puzzle lovers worldwide. The objective is to strategically place four tetromino shapes – L, I, T, and S – into designated regions on a grid, ensuring that no adjacent tetrominoes are of the same type.

Why LITS Puzzles Are a Brain Booster

These deceptively simple puzzles pack a powerful punch in improving your cognitive skills. As you tackle each puzzle, you’ll strengthen your logical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and spatial reasoning skills. The challenges gradually increase in difficulty, keeping your mind engaged and entertained.

Tips for Conquering LITS Puzzles

  1. Start with the Smaller Regions: Focus on filling in the smaller regions first to establish a solid foundation for the larger ones.
  2. Follow the Rules to Eliminate Cells: Remember the rules will help you identify where blocks can’t go – as well as where they can.
  3. Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment: Don’t hesitate to make tentative placements and backtrack if necessary. A pencil and eraser is super handy for this 🙂

Download Tetrominoes LITS Puzzles

The PDF puzzles and solutions can be downloaded below:

Tetrominoes LITS Logic Puzzles

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