Halloween Math Puzzles

Get into the Halloween spirit with these spooktacular math puzzles featuring funny Halloween icons which represent different numbers – and you have to work out which number they represent!

We have two versions available: one focused on addition and the other on both addition and subtraction. Best of all, these Halloween-themed math puzzles are absolutely free to download in PDF format, complete with solutions:

There are 12 different puzzles in each set.

This type of maths logic puzzle is a great introduction to algebra – as well as being a great workout for the brain.

How to Solve Halloween Math Puzzles

These puzzles take a mix of logic and arithmetic to solve. It’s very much a case of looking at the symbols and given numbers to work out the value of each symbol.

You will find that with a bit of logical thinking, and looking for helpful clues such as the repetition of symbols, the answers will become clear.

In the example below, we know that two bottles of potion = 24, so we know that the value of these is 12 each. We can therefore work out the value of the cauldron. As we know that two bottles are 12 and two bottles and one cauldron equal 35, we know the value of the cauldron must be 11.

We can therefore work out the following line too, as we know that the cauldron is 11, that means that the value of two lollipops must be 20, meaning these have a value of 10 each.

Download Halloween Number Puzzles

There are 12 different PDF puzzles and solutions in each set:

Addition Only

These puzzles are addition only and are a great way to get started with this type of puzzle:

Halloween Number Plus only-puzzlebreaks

Halloween Addition and Subtraction Number Puzzles

These puzzles contain both Addition and Subtraction operations. There are 12 different puzzles with solutions in this download:

Halloween Number Puzzle-puzzlebreaks

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