Free Printable Triple Duko Puzzles – Beginner to Difficult

Here we have free printable Triple Doku puzzles for you to download 🙂 There are 10 puzzles in each set – and solutions are also included! Scroll down to find the download buttons.

Recap of Tripe Doku Rules

Here’s a recap of Triple Doku rules. You will find a full explanation and guide to the Triple Doku puzzles HERE.

Triple Doku brings a thrilling twist to the classic Sudoku game by featuring not one, but three interconnected 9×9 Sudoku grids. This unique variant challenges players to fill all three grids following the traditional Sudoku rules, along with the additional challange that the grids are connected together.

Basic Rules:

  • Grid Structure: Each 9×9 grid is divided into nine 3×3 boxes.
  • Number Placement: Fill each row, column, and 3×3 box with numbers 1-9.
  • No Repetition: Avoid repeating any number within a row, column, or 3×3 box in each 9×9 grid.

Basic Solving Tips:

  1. Start with Given Numbers: Identify and fill in numbers based on clues.
  2. Single Possibility: Spot cells where only one number can fit.
  3. Elimination: Determine where numbers can’t go to figure out where they can.
  4. Grid Intersections: Observe how numbers in one grid affect the others.
  5. Pencil Marks: Note potential numbers in cells and refine as you progress.
  6. Focus on a Single Grid: Solving one grid can aid in solving the rest.

Download Triple Duko Puzzles

Choose which level you would like to download and click on the buttons below:

Level One

Triple Doku Level 1

Level Two

Triple Doku Level 2

Level Three

Triple Doku Level 3
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