How to Do Math Pyramid Puzzles – Math Logic Puzzles

Math pyramid puzzles are a fun and engaging way to practice maths while also using logic and problem solving skills.

Pyramid puzzles have a simple rule, and that is each square contains the sum of the two squares beneath it. Therefore if you look in the completed puzzle below, you will see that every square contains the sum of the two squares below. For example, right at the very top, we can see that the square that contains 304 is above squares that contain 154 and 150.

How to Complete Math Pyramid Puzzles

You will see that puzzles contain a number of squares which contain numbers and a number of blank squares. You must use your addition and subtraction skills, with a dash of logic to fill the blank squares.

To start, look for adjacent squares that contain numbers. You can then use the sum of these to complete the square above. You can see how we’ve done this in the example below:

Next, look for squares which are connected one above the other. You know that the top square is the sum of the two squares below. Therefore, if you take the number in the top square, which you know is the sum of the two squares below – and subtract the number you know in the square below, this will tell you the missing number. You can see how this works in the image below. We know that the top square is 10, and one of the two quares that make the total contains 1. Therefore we can work out that the missing square must contain 9.

When the ‘easy’ squares have been completed, you can start working backwards to complete squares, as you can see below:

Free Printable Pyramid Puzzles

We have a range of free printable pyramid puzzles for you to download, you will find them HERE!

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