Tatami Puzzles for Beginners – How to Do Tatami Puzzles

If you are looking for a logic puzzle which is fun and challenging, Tatami puzzles could be just the thing! We have lots of free printable Tatami puzzles for you to check out – however if you want to know more about these engaging puzzles read on! We’ll explain what they are, how to solve them and share some useful tips to help you on your way 🙂

Tatami Puzzle Walkthough

If you want to see how a Tatami puzzle is solved – head over to our walkthrough HERE!

What is a Tatami Logic Puzzle?

A tatami puzzle (also known as Patchwork Logic Puzzle) is a logic puzzle that is played on a square grid. The grid is divided into smaller rectangles, called rooms or tatami. Each room must contain one of each of the digits. Both numbers and letters can be used in Tatami puzzles. We are using letters.

Example of a Tatami Grid & Rooms

You will see how a thicker line defines the ‘rooms’ in the grid.

An example of a Tatami puzzle grid

Grids can be in different sizes. Here is an example of a 15 x 15 grid with each room containing 3 cells:

Tatami Puzzle Rules

The Rules of Tatami Puzzles

The basic rules of tatami puzzles are as follows:

  • Each room contains one of each number/letter
  • The same number can not be adjacent to itself, even if it is in a different room
  • The total of each digit must be the same in each column/row

Tips for Solving Tatami Puzzles

Here are some tips for beginners who are solving tatami puzzles for the first time:

  • Start by looking for the easiest numbers to place. For example, look for a room where there is only one digit missing – that will be simple to fill!
  • Make sure you know how many of each digit there should be in each column/row, this will help you know what can and can’t be placed
  • Remember that the same number cannot be next to itself. Therefore this will immediately limit your options (for example, if one of your given numbers is a 4, you know that this cannot appear in the cells to the right, left, above or below it).

Remember, It’s Different!

Remember – Tatami puzzles are different to other logic puzzles! The key is to think of the rooms and keep the rules in mind as these will also act as clues to help you complete the puzzle.

If you are used to logic puzzles such as Latin Squares, you may try looking for patterns in groups of rooms. However, there is no interaction between the rooms other than the fact that two of the same number can’t be adjacent to each other. For example, we cannot assume that D will complete the sequence as indicated below:

Where to Find Tatami Puzzles

We have oodles of Tatami puzzles here at Puzzlebreaks for you to download. Tatami puzzles can also be found in puzzle books, magazines, and websites. Conclusion

Tatami puzzles are a fun and challenging way to improve your logic skills. If you are a beginner, start with some easy puzzles and work your way up to the more difficult ones. With a little practice, you will be solving tatami puzzles like a pro in no time!

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